Mishap Avion Italia – At the controls of the plane was the Romanian money manager Dan Petrescu, matured 68, the proprietor of the airplane, composes the Italian press. Dan Petrescu was, as per Corriere della Sera, the proprietor of the airplane that slammed on Sunday in Milan, the gadget being bought in 2015 by Petrescu, along with Vladimir Cohn, previous investor of the Dinamo Bucharest football club. As per a few sources, seven individuals who had Romanian citizenship lost their lives in the accident.The Italian distribution additionally noticed that Petrescu is a fruitful land business person, he is probably the most extravagant man in the country, proprietor of hypermarkets and shopping displays (Metro and Real), with double Romanian and German citizenship. Accomplice of Ion Țiriac, with resources assessed at around 3 billion euros, Petrescu moved to Germany to dispose of Nicolae Ceaușescu’s system and gotten back to the nation subsequent to 1989.According to Corriere della Sera, the casualties incorporate his significant other, matured 65, brought into the world in Romania, with French citizenship, and his 30-year-old child, Dan Stefan Petrescu, brought into the world in Munich and furthermore with double citizenship. Petrescu’s child, matured 30, an analyst in Canada, had shown up in Italy with several companions, comprising of an Italian from Lombardy and a Romanian with French citizenship. On the plane were their one-year-old kid and the kid’s maternal grandma, additionally Romanian.Among the casualties was a young fellow of non-Italian ethnicity.

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