Alex Dangelmajer Obituary – Alex was conceived in Marion, IN to Paul and Tracey Dangelmajer. Until sixth grade he experienced childhood in St. Louis, MO. In 2003 he and family moved to Kinnelon, NJ where Alex became co-Captain of his childhood football crew and played baseball also. Alex moved on from Kinnelon High School in 2010 and proceeded to move on from Rutgers University, Cum Laude and Phi Beta Kappa with a Bachelor of Arts degree in English Literature. He ate up books in only hours, from fiction to history, his outright most loved being Harry Potter. His maintenance left his family in amazement.

With family Alex headed out to Hawaii, Yosemite, Virgin Islands, Spain, Italy and then some. As a grown-up he headed out with companions to Greece, Italy Puerto Rico and top pick – Iceland where he said he sobbed for the excellence of the Northern Lights. New York City and the world were his clam and each spot he went his companions were stunned how impeccable outsiders immediately became like his dear companions. Alex so cherished his congregation mission excursions to Canada, West Virginia and South Carolina. What’s more, consistently he anticipated his outdoors trips with his amigos to shows, the Poconos and the Upper Delaware River.

Alex was brilliant when around his enormous family, dear companions and his caring sweetheart, Taylor Sumereau. So numerous relatives, Taylor and many companions were with him until he tenderly went to his endless home where he will invite all of us again with his brilliant grin.

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