Andrew Emil Larsen Has Passed Away – Obituaries

March 28 1979
August 20 2023

In the tapestry of life, certain souls shine brighter, leaving an indelible mark on all they touch. Such was the life of Andrew Emil Larsen, a man whose laughter and joy resonated with everyone fortunate enough to know him. Born on March 28, 1979, in the scenic landscapes of Price, Utah, Andrew radiated positivity, leaving behind an echoing laughter wherever he tread. But on August 20, 2023, this beacon of joy dimmed, leaving behind a world that yearns for his presence.

From the embrace of Russell and Kathy Larsen, Andrew emerged as the gleaming gem in a close-knit family that includes siblings Brett, Ruschelle, Jason, Jessica, and Scott. To the Larsens, he was not just a son or a brother, but a spark that ignited love and laughter at every family gathering. Andrew’s professional journey ranged from bravely fighting wildfires, serving in emergency medical scenarios, safeguarding Provo City as a firefighter, to navigating long highways as a trucker. Yet, it was his laughter amidst the gravest of situations that made him an unforgettable force of nature.

Beyond his remarkable career, Andrew’s heart beat fervently for lapidary, arboriculture, and lumberjacking. Whether atop a tree or behind the wheel of his beloved “tinker toy” cement truck, his spirit always found room for jest and joy.

At the core of Andrew’s world was his loving family. Tamar Radandt Larsen, his loving wife, stood by him as both a pillar of strength and an accomplice in their shared humor. Their love blossomed into a beautiful family, with children Teah, Rhegan, Tommy (with his wife, Lauren), Palmer, Avelyn (‘Twig’), and Andrena (‘DJ’). As a grandfather, his heart swelled with pride for Easton, Aspen, Jaelyn, and Vison.

His infectious humor made him the adored uncle, spreading joy amongst his nieces and nephews. His college days saw him rallying spirits as a Yell Leader, embodying his inherent ability to uplift all around him.

Let’s envision Andrew as Neptune, ruling over the vast seas with benevolence, grace, and infectious laughter. He cherished life, urging those around him to seize every moment with zest and zeal.

In tribute to the unparalleled spirit of Andrew Emil Larsen, let’s celebrate him with smiles and shared tales of joy. While the void he leaves is profound, his legacy of laughter ensures he remains ever-present in our hearts.

To commemorate Andrew, a heartfelt Memorial Luncheon is scheduled for SUNDAY, SEPTEMBER 10, 2023, at 4:00 p.m. at the Castle Dale Stake Center located at 35 East Main Street, Castle Dale.

The solemn task of managing these arrangements rests with Watts Funeral Home and Cremation Center, San Mateo, Florida. As we come together, let us remember Andrew with love, laughter, and warmth, just as he would have wished.

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