In the golden embrace of a setting sun on September 5, 2023, the world bid a tender farewell to Anna Jane Mercer. Nestled in the serenity of Jenner’s Pond, West Grove, PA, Anna completed a remarkable journey that began on November 30, 1920, in Aliquippa, PA. A journey that saw a little girl from Ridley Park, embraced lovingly by Mary Olwen and David H. Bining, blossom into a beacon of resilience, strength, and warmth.

A proud alumnus of West Chester State Teachers College (now West Chester University), Anna Jane carried with her an infectious zest for knowledge. Her early teaching sojourns took her to the classrooms of Seaford and Newark before her heart found its true calling in the echoing laughter of kindergarteners in Lewes. It was in 1960 when the Mercer family’s compass pointed them towards Lewes, following Frank’s appointment as Superintendent of Lewes School District. Anna Jane’s love affair with Lewes wasn’t just limited to her classroom; her heartstrings resonated with the hushed whispers of books, making her a beloved volunteer at the Lewes Public Library for 45 vibrant years. Whether it was choosing the next literary gem for the library or rallying behind the cause of building a new one, Anna Jane was at the forefront, leading with grace and determination.

Life with Anna Jane was never sedentary. When she wasn’t engrossed in a book, you’d find her either reveling in a game of bridge, soaking in the splendor of theater, or exploring the corners of the world. Her indomitable spirit saw her jetting off to England at the sprightly age of 97 to reunite with cousins.

But above all her accomplishments, Anna Jane was a treasure trove of life’s wisdom for her great-granddaughters, embodying strength and resilience in every step, every smile. Her absence will cast a gentle shadow on all who were privileged to know her.

Anna Jane’s voyage was accompanied and sometimes steered by loved ones whom she met along the way and said goodbye to a tad bit earlier — her beloved husband, Frank Robert Mercer, of 57 golden years; her cherished son, David R. Mercer; and the gentle soul of Dr. James Snow, Jr., whom she grew fond of at Jenner’s Pond. As we reminisce her storied life, she leaves behind a legacy through her daughter, Lynn Dealy (Ed); two doting grandchildren, E.J. Dealy (Heather) and Christine Haynes (Justin); and four great-granddaughters, Ellie, Paige, Abby, and Mallory, who will keep the flame of her memory burning bright for generations to come.

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