Xiaomi fans often ask: “Can we keep the Turbo Mi charging animation always on?”.

Well, the straight answer might not be what you’re hoping for, but there are some ways around it.

Since I’m a Xiaomi phone user myself, I’m practically amazed by the 33w Turbo Mi Charging features I was given when I purchased a Xiaomi Redmi Note 11S, it totally amazed me comparing to the era of 2008 – 2018, phones literally takes ages to charged, with an average of 3-5 hours, now with 33w it took about only 90 minutes or so, of course there are expensive options like 120w, 300w, I didn’t took into consideration since I’m not an avid user for phones.

Anyway, amazed by the Turbo Mi Charging features, I was obsesses of monitoring the charging animation, it ticks 0.01% every half seconds. 😀

Sadly enough, Xiaomi has designed the animation to shut off after 10 seconds, mainly to conserve batterypower.

But!!!! There are some methods to get around this.


A popular method is by using an app called Always On Display (AOD) Notify. This app lets you make your own AOD notifications which can be shown all the time, even during charging. To keep the charging animation active, make a notification with the charging animation’s image and set it to always show.

Another method is to use a different theme. Some themes made for Xiaomi phones have a charging animation that doesn’t turn off as quickly. You can search for these in the Xiaomi Themes app or on the internet.


You can also consider using a different launcher, like Nova Launcher. Some of these launchers let you change the lock screen settings, including its charging animation. Install the launcher, set it as your default, and adjust the lock screen to show the charging animation.


But a heads up: these methods might cause your battery to run out more quickly. So, think about the benefits and drawbacks before you try them out.

And a few more tips to keep your Xiaomi charging fast:

  • Always use the charger and cable provided with the phone.
  • Try not to charge your phone in extreme temperatures.
  • It’s a good idea to restart your phone now and then.
  • Make sure your software is the latest version.
  • Hope this information helps you out!

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