Donna J. Reeb

November 30, 1940
September 16, 2023 (82 years old)
Colon, MI

Donna J. Reeb was a beacon of warmth and compassion in the Leonidas community. Throughout her life, she exemplified the values of love, family, and faith. Born in Sturgis and settling in Leonidas, Donna’s journey was marked by moments of joy, challenges, and deep connections. She was a devoted mother, a cherished grandmother, and a dear sister, always putting the needs of her family first. Her indomitable spirit and unyielding love have left a lasting impression on all who knew her.

The bonds she forged and the memories she created serve as a testament to a life well-lived. Many will remember her for her kind nature, her unwavering faith, and her innate ability to make others feel cherished. The legacy she leaves behind is not just in the memories of her children, grandchildren, and siblings but also in the heart of the community she touched so deeply.

As we come together to honor her memory, we are reminded of the lessons she taught us, the love she shared, and the light she brought into our lives. Donna’s spirit, though no longer with us in person, will continue to guide and inspire us, ensuring that her legacy lives on.

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