Ellen Odean Schetat

February 13, 1931
September 12, 2023 (92 years old)

In moments of profound loss, words often seem inadequate, yet we endeavor to find solace in them. The departure of Ellen Odean Schetat is deeply felt by all who had the honor of knowing her. As we gather in remembrance, let us take comfort in the knowledge that lives well-lived remain with us in the love they’ve shared and the lessons they’ve imparted. Ellen’s legacy of warmth, wisdom, and commitment to her family and community stands as a testament to the depth of her character and the love she carried in her heart. In these times of sorrow, may we find strength in coming together, sharing our memories, and leaning on one another. Your expressions of sympathy in the guestbook serve as a gentle reminder that, in grief, we are never truly alone. Let’s hold Ellen’s memory close, allowing it to guide and uplift us in the days to come.

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