Feda Almaliti Death – The mental imbalance network in the Bay Area and past is grieving the departure of a boss for change and her 15-year-old medically introverted child after they kicked the bucket in a Fremont house fire early Saturday morning.

The fire occurred around 2 a.m. Saturday at a home on Serra Place in Fremont, close to the Mowry East strip mall.

At the point when firemen showed up, they said the house was completely overwhelmed on fire.

Feda Almaliti, otherwise called Feda Sala, was a 43-year-old mother of three young men, and the VP of the National Council on Severe Autism.

The people group over the Bay Area and around the nation is grieving the loss of the lady known for leading mental imbalance protection change in California.

At the point when her child Muhammad was determined to have a mental imbalance, Almaliti battled to pass a California law requiring medical services organizations to pay for social treatment for all individuals with mental imbalance and related conditions.

Almaliti’s sister Maha said she trusts her sister and nephew were caught higher up by the flares.

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