Geraldine “Jere” Knox

October 14, 1929
September 10, 2023 (93 years old)

The tight-knit community of Duncan, Oklahoma is coming to grips with the profound loss of a beloved resident, Geraldine Knox, who peacefully transitioned on September 10, 2023, at the venerable age of 93. Throughout her life, Geraldine radiated warmth, kindness, and a nurturing spirit, touching the lives of many. Her memories will forever remain etched in the hearts of those who knew her.

Geraldine experienced the sorrow of bidding farewell to her former husband, George Brock, her loving husband John Knox, her step-son Paul A Knox, and her cherished nephews, Keith McCarty and Dr. Charles H. McCarty. However, she also knew the joy of love and motherhood, leaving behind her devoted daughters, Renanne, partnered with Joel Milner, Bronwyn, married to Dean Pankonien, and Fara Brock, together with Nader Sharabianlou. Additionally, her step-son, Hayden, and his wife Joni Knox will cherish and honor her memory.

As we reflect upon Geraldine’s impactful life, we invite friends and well-wishers to leave heartfelt messages, anecdotes, or condolences on her memorial page. Such shared sentiments offer comfort to the grieving family and stand as a testament to Geraldine’s enduring legacy.

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