Guillermina Dimas

May 6, 1945
October 1, 2023 (78 years old)

In the depth of our hearts, we find ourselves faced with the undeniable pain of bidding farewell to a cherished and beloved soul, Guillermina Dimas. This exceptional individual, who resided in the tender embrace of Baldwin Park, California, peacefully left this world at the age of 78 on the blessed day of October 1, 2023. Words cannot capture our immense sorrow, yet we can extend solace to Guillermina Dimas’s family and friends by leaving a message of sympathy and support on this hallowed memorial page. Let us join hands in embracing the grieving hearts and offering them strength as they navigate this difficult time. Together, we can find comfort in the memories and love that Guillermina Dimas bestowed upon us.

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