Judith Walker

August 12, 1958
September 3, 2023 (65 years old)

A radiant spirit has made its journey onward. With hearts laden with sorrow, we share the passing of Judith Walker of Pelion, South Carolina, originally from Hapeville, Georgia. This somber moment came upon us on September 3, 2023, but Judith’s memories and love remain eternal. As the daughter of Franklin Cartledge, Sr. and Grace Sudith, she embraced life with open arms and a loving heart. In her lifetime, she became the pillar of strength for her devoted husband, Scott Stevens, and their sons, Roger Davis and Josh Gable. Her love extended to her step-son, Mike Gunter, who will miss her dearly. Judith’s absence leaves a void, but her legacy of warmth and kindness endures. As we reflect on the moments we were fortunate to share with her, we invite loved ones to express their condolences. A memorial page has been dedicated to Judith, and we welcome all to leave their sympathy messages there to comfort the grieving family.

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