Kyle Romer Obituary – Many individuals lined the dividers of St. Paul Lutheran Church Saturday to offer their appreciation to 20-year-old Eric Henry Richardson, a Virgil man who passed on in a lamentable mishap at a mainstream gorge in Ithaca.

Richardson kicked the bucket in late July while precipice hopping with companions at Ithaca’s Second Dam.

The reason for the suffocating stays hazy. Companions and spectators allegedly bounced into the water a few times before they had the option to carry him to the surface.

Richardson was notable in the network, having moved on from Cortland High School in 2013. A gifted competitor, he was a beginning linebacker for the secondary school football crew and a hopeful expert skier.

Companions recollect Richardson as daring, mindful and audacious, an extraordinary inspiration who wanted to get others engaged with recreational exercises.

“He could convince you so effectively,” says Kyle Romer, a long-lasting companion who lives nearby to Richardson’s auntie and uncle. “On the off chance that you said no, he could continue talking and make you need to accomplish something, despite the fact that you would prefer not to do it.”

Richardson was known for investing energy in nature, associating with companions, and skiing at Greek Peak Mountain Resort, where his granddad worked for a long time.

Two grievous wounds constrained Richardson to defer skiing. Twice he tore his ACL, first in ninth grade and later during his lesser year.

Notwithstanding these misfortunes, companions state he was resolved to seek after expert skiing.

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