Lyle C. Sorenson

September 15, 2023
Madison, WI

Madison, Wisconsin, stands still as it mourns the departure of a stalwart community member, Lyle C. Sorenson. His passing on September 15, 2023, marks the end of an era, a life filled with love, dedication, and moments of joy shared with all who knew him.

Lyle’s life was a testament to the strength of family bonds, enduring friendships, and the grace of enduring love. His absence is deeply felt by his step-mother, Mabel Erickson, who was a significant figure in his life. The legacy he leaves behind is evident in his children, Kristine Saeger, Bert Sorenson, and David Sorenson, who will always remember him as a guiding light. His influence and teachings will forever live on through his grandchildren and the 22 great-grandchildren, each of whom shared a unique bond with him.

The memories of Lyle are tinged with nostalgia, especially recalling the times he spent with his late wife, Mary Lou. Together, they built a family that stood as a testament to love and resilience. While his parents, Bert and Emma Sorenson, and sisters, Irene and Caryl, predeceased him, their memories remained close to his heart and provided him comfort and strength.

Lyle’s life will be celebrated and remembered in a series of commemorative events. Family, friends, and acquaintances are invited to the St. Paul Lutheran Church on Friday, September 22nd, 2023, for visitation from 12:00 PM to 1:00 PM. A service will follow at 1:00 PM at the same location to honor Lyle’s life and the profound impact he had on so many.

As the sun sets and the mourners disperse, Lyle’s spirit will be kept alive in the stories shared, the candles lit, and the flowers sent in his honor. The community of Madison will forever cherish the memories of a man who made a lasting impact, and his legacy will continue to inspire generations to come.

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