Mary Fulton

May 6, 1946
September 6, 2023 (77 years old)

Mary Fulton, a beacon of love and resilience, was cherished not only by her immediate family but by the entire Portland community. Her roots in Carroll, Iowa, shaped her values and formed the foundation of the incredible life she lived. Throughout her journey, Mary encountered hardships but faced each one with grace, drawing strength from her upbringing and the love of her family.

Mary’s love for her family was evident in the close bond she shared with her children, Jay and Katie, and the fondness with which she spoke of her grandchildren, Myles and Rowan. Their memories of her will undoubtedly be colored with tales of love, laughter, and the many lessons she imparted.

Mary’s love wasn’t limited to just humans; her heart held a special place for animals, especially her beloved pets, Phoebe and Heidi. Her compassionate spirit extended to all creatures, which is why, in her memory, the family encourages donations to an animal charity of your choice. Such gestures not only celebrate Mary’s life but also ensure that her legacy of love and care for the voiceless continues to thrive.

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