Neldon “Pete” Noyes

April 11 1934
August 21 2023 (89 years old)
Price Sixth Ward

In the quiet embrace of dawn on Monday, August 21, 2023, Price bore witness to the gentle passing of one of its cherished souls. Neldon Howard “Pete” Noyes, at the age of 89, transitioned into eternity, leaving behind a legacy of love, devotion, and immeasurable contributions to his family and community.

Born under the watchful skies of Price, Utah on April 11, 1934, to Walter Howard and Annie J. Boren Noyes, Neldon emerged as the guiding star in the constellation of four siblings. On a beautiful autumn day in 1953, he pledged his heart and soul to LaRee Ivie Noyes, known affectionately as “Jo.” Their union, which began in Price and later received divine blessings at the Manti Temple, was one of deep love, mutual respect, and shared dreams. Over the span of 63 years, they became the bedrock of their family, nurturing eight children on their ancestral farm.

As a devout member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, Neldon, or “Pete” as many fondly called him, lived by the teachings of faith, love, and family. He was the backbone of support, cheering from the sidelines at junior riding clubs, high school rodeos, motocross races, and every milestone in between. With a guitar in hand, a song in his heart, and nature as his backdrop, Neldon painted memories of camping trips, hunting adventures, and treasured horse rides. His voice, often heard over the hum of his tractor or the rustling fields, was a melody of contentment and hard work.

With hands that crafted wonders in leather and a mind that engineered solutions, Neldon’s professional journey was a testament to his dedication and skill. From his early days as a plumber to his leadership roles at Hunter and Emery power plants, and later, nurturing young minds at CEU, Neldon’s expertise was revered. But it was his playful banter, infectious sense of humor, and the warmth of his personality that truly touched hearts.

Today, Neldon’s memory is enshrined in the love and lives of his children: Chuck, Wayne, Cole, Spencer, Nelda, Wes, Jeff, and Trinie; the innocent laughter of 30 grandchildren; and the playful antics of 42 great-grandchildren. His brother, Fred, continues to uphold the Noyes family legacy. As we remember Neldon, we also honor those who await him on the other side: his dear wife, LaRee; his brother, Merrill; sister, Ella Mae; and devoted sisters-in-law, Patsy Brown and LaRene Ivie.

Join us in a tribute to this stalwart of Price on Saturday, August 26, 2023, at 10:00 a.m., at the Price Sixth Ward, 300 West 500 South, as we celebrate a life beautifully lived and cherish memories that will forever echo in our hearts.

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