On My Block Spooky Death – On My Block season 3 presented another main bad guy, Cuchillos, however the psychopathic head of the Santos didn’t survive the ordeal. However the person played by Ada Luz Pla looked on par with what dead, there’s some hypothesis that she isn’t really away for great. Here’s the way Cuchillos could return in season 4 of the Netflix series and why it may interface with a greater storyline.

In the last snapshots of On My Block season 2, Monse, Cesar, Jamal, and Ruby were seized and constrained inside a strange van. On My Block burned through no time in noting who set up the seizing by presenting Cuchillos. Cesar acknowledged she was the head of the Santos, the group he once attempted to run from. The gathering was constrained into consenting to her requests in looking for Lil Ricky, who Cuchillos accepted was alive. However she offered the Roller World cash in return, Cuchillos ended up being incredibly perilous on the off chance that they didn’t satisfy her needs on schedule.

What became visible throughout On My Block season 3 was that Cuchillos was the genius behind the Roller World heist and she needed to discover Lil Ricky so she could by and by kill him.As Cesar’s sibling, Spooky, kept driving inside the Santos, he got more stressed over the opponent pack, nineteenth Street. He then, at that point, acknowledged Cuchillos was the explanation his dad went to prison so he attempted to make an arrangement with nineteenth Street to take her out. They maintained the détente and nineteenth Street apparently killed Cuchillos. The center four saw her body in a shallow grave before individuals from nineteenth Street lit her cadaver ablaze.

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