Parker Boswell Death – Boswell passed on in auto collision Thursday September 17, driving from Auburn to Southern Union in Wadley where he was going to class and playing ball. Subtleties of the episode are obscure as of now.

Spain Park High School b-ball mentor Mike Chase shared his recollections of Boswell saying, “I’ve been companions with this family since the day I returned to Spain Park in 2009! My recollections of Parker Boswell are of him and his father coming up to the exercise center and working at the sport of ball! Each one of those years when Parker was only a youthful little child – I’d get a call from Chip… “Hello mentor, you going to be up to Spain Park today?” They’d beat me to the rec center and would be sitting tight in the parking garage for me to open the entryway! The time those two went through with one another was advantageous! So when I consider Parker Boswell – I’m not going to think about the agony of his inconvenient passing! I’m going to recall that young man and his father being together accomplishing something the two of them adored!”

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