Patsy Jean Zirk

December 30, 1954
September 13, 2023 (68 years old)

The heart of Edinburg, Virginia, beats with a heavy rhythm as we bid farewell to a treasured soul, Patsy Jean Zirk. Born in the neighboring town of Harrisonburg, Patsy’s 68-year journey came to a serene end on September 13, 2023. Known for her boundless love and unwavering spirit, her absence casts a profound shadow over our community. The memory of her departed siblings, Sharon and Stephen Zirk, and her parents, Paul Edward Zirk and Lois Zirk (Gochenour), adds to our collective sorrow. Yet, her legacy lives on through the love of her nephew, Edward “Eddie” Zirk, niece Damon Zirk, devoted friend Dayme, and her faithful pet, Ney Ney. Alongside them, she is remembered by her uncle Victor, aunt Helen Mongold, and cherished cousins: Wilma Elliott, Janet Barnes, Sherry Mongold, and Vickie O’Brien. As Edinburg grieves, we encourage everyone to pen their heartfelt condolences and reminiscences in the provided guestbook, creating a tapestry of love and support for those she left behind.

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