Pepsi Paloma Cause Of Death – Without a doubt one of the most captivating mainstream society figures in the nation’s set of experiences, the biography of Pepsi Paloma is however tragic as it seems to be puzzling.

In spite of the fact that having happened thirty years prior, her demise keeps on getting a lot of consideration, particularly after the Eraserheads probably made her scandalous assault because of three notable entertainers the subject of their melody Spolarium.

Was Pepsi Paloma the genuine motivation behind the melody? In a 2011 Q and An at Jessica Zafra’s blog, lead singer Ely Buendia himself possibly fanned the fire when he reacted to the inquiry with a mysterious message:

“I will take this mystery to the grave.”

However, in case there’s any individual who previously carried additional interesting insider facts to the grave, that would be Pepsi Paloma herself.

Pepsi Paloma in Movie Flash Magazine

Brought into the world on March 11, 1966, Pepsi (or Delia Duenas Smith, all things considered) was the oldest of four youngsters. They were raised by their single parent, a Samar local named Lydia Duenas, after their dad, an American postal worker named Kenneth Smith, deserted them when they’re as yet youthful.

In 1980, the youthful Delia met Tita Ester, who then, at that point, acquainted her with Rey de la Cruz, the gay optometrist-turned-headhunter known for catapulting the showbiz vocations of Rio Locsin and Myrna Castillo.

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