Raymond Migliori

March 21, 1946
September 13, 2023 (77 years old)

Raymond Migliori, a man of deep faith and boundless love, closed one chapter and began another on September 13, 2023, in Price, Utah. Born on March 21, 1946, to Virginia Nielsen and Atelee Migliori, Ray’s life was one filled with cherished memories and shared experiences with his vast family.

Being one of 11 siblings, Ray’s youth was colored with the vibrant hues of familial bonds and playful escapades. Their cabins at Ferron Reservoir and Scofield Reservoir were backdrops for countless family moments. These early experiences nurtured his sense of adventure, evident from his tales of summers at Yellowstone National Park, where nature’s raw beauty and the thrill of bear encounters and fire brigade adventures became an indelible part of his narrative.

An alumnus of Carbon High School, USU Eastern, and Brigham Young University, Ray’s thirst for knowledge was insatiable, particularly when it came to gospel teachings. This fervor translated seamlessly into his spiritual life, which remained anchored in his faith and devotion to Jesus Christ.

Beyond academia, Ray wore the hats of a soldier, serving with dedication in the Battery, Field Artillery Air Defense, and a dutiful family man. The moment he met Kathryn Burdick at USU Eastern, a new chapter began. Their 53-year marital journey saw them blessed with a lineage that Ray was exceptionally proud of: six children, 22 grandchildren, and two great-grandsons. His commitment to their well-being was a testament to his profound love and unwavering dedication.

In his professional life, Ray’s passion for people was evident. He spent decades in retail, forging countless friendships and enjoying the myriad stories of those he met. His genuine interest in people made every encounter special.

Ray leaves behind a legacy woven with love, faith, and dedication. He is survived by his wife Kathryn, their children, siblings, 21 grandchildren, two great-grandsons, and an extended family of relations and friends who held a special place in his heart. As he reunites with those who went ahead – his parents, siblings Robert, Karl, Eugene, Marjorie, Janette, and Barbara, and the cherished granddaughter, Isabella – we find solace in the belief that he is surrounded by love.

To honor Ray’s wishes, his funeral will be a private affair, providing a moment of reflection and solace for the family. His resting place will be the Price City Cemetery, where memories of his love, faith, and dedication will forever echo.

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