Robert J. Doyle (RJ)

Mar 28 1975
August 31, 2023 (48 years old)

In the gentle twilight of Thursday, August 31, 2023, Robert J. Doyle, fondly known as RJ, aged 48, of East Petersburg, PA, took his final bow at the Lancaster General Hospital, following a tragic motorcycle accident a few days prior. Born in the vibrant town of Coatesville, PA, RJ’s life echoed the very essence of life, love, and legacy.

The rich tapestry of RJ’s life was woven with the threads of his birthplace, Coatesville. A proud 1993 alumnus of the Coatesville Area Senior High School, RJ delved into the intricacies of his profession as a millwright, dedicating two decades to Cleveland-Cliffs Steel Mill in Coatesville since 2003. But work was just one facet of this multifaceted soul.

Passionate about nature, RJ found solace with a fishing rod in hand, feeling the gentle ebb and flow of the water, and the promise of a new catch. His spirit felt free when biking and snow skiing, embracing the adrenaline and joy these activities brought. Yet, perhaps his proudest moments were the ones he spent as a doting father, ardently involved in and supporting the myriad sports and activities his beloved sons engaged in.

RJ’s legacy of love continues to shine through his two cherished sons, Gavin J. Doyle and Grayson K. Doyle, both beacons of his love and pride from East Petersburg. He leaves behind a rich tapestry of memories with his parents, Robert Lynn Doyle and Mary Helen Moretti-Presley, and a band of siblings who will cherish their times with RJ – Autumn Wiker, Amber Padora, Joshua Beideman, and Andrew Beideman. He also leaves behind his dear aunt, Michael Anne Whitely(Moretti), whose memories with RJ will be forever etched in time.

The world is invited to celebrate the vibrant tapestry of RJ’s life. Join us on Saturday, September 30, 2023, at 12:00 noon at the Parkesburg United Methodist Church, 411 Main St., Parkesburg, PA 19365. The doors will be open for visitation from 10:00 AM, leading up to the celebration. Through shared stories, laughter, and tears, we will remember and celebrate a life beautifully lived.

In the stillness of a fishing spot, in the gentle swoosh of skis on snow, in the roar of a motorcycle, and in the echoing laughter of his sons, RJ’s spirit lives on. As we bid him goodbye, we find solace in the myriad memories he has gifted us. Rest in Peace, RJ.

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