Ron Shreve

October 26, 1936
September 7, 2023 (86 years old)
Madrid, IA

Ron Shreve was a pillar of strength, not only for his family but for the community of Luther, Iowa. His origins in Boone, Iowa shaped the man he became: kind-hearted, resilient, and deeply connected to the land and its people. Throughout his life, Ron fostered countless relationships, his kindness and generosity making him an invaluable presence in many lives.

His unwavering love and commitment to his family were evident. He was a steadfast partner to his wife Cheryl, a guiding figure to his children Diane and Duane, and a doting grandfather to Danielle and great-grandfather to Maxine. Every interaction with him left an indelible mark of warmth and wisdom.

The Iowa Arboretum & Gardens, the chosen location for his visitation, reflects Ron’s deep appreciation for nature and the tranquility it offers. His connection to the place was profound, and it offers a serene environment for those who wish to pay their respects.

Ron’s legacy will be cherished through memories, stories, and the charitable actions taken in his honor. In keeping with his selfless nature, the family has provided various avenues for memorial contributions. Whether one chooses to support the family directly, a charity close to their heart, or the cherished Iowa Arboretum & Gardens, it’s a testament to the broad impact Ron had on the community and the multitude of ways he will be remembered.

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