Ruby Estlee West

December 2, 1924
September 15, 2023 (98 years old)

Ruby Estlee West, a gem of Selmer, Tennessee, touched the lives of countless individuals during her almost century-long journey on this Earth. Born into the Gann family, Ruby grew to become a pillar of strength and resilience. Her soul radiated warmth, love, and understanding. Even in her absence, the wisdom and lessons she imparted live on, cherished by all who had the privilege of knowing her.

Her legacy includes not only the direct family she leaves behind but also the broader community that she nurtured over the years. Ruby’s bond with her daughter Gwelda, her cherished grandchildren, and her great-grandchildren was evident in every interaction. Each story shared, every memory recalled, paints a portrait of a woman whose love knew no bounds.

For those wishing to pay their final respects and celebrate the life of this remarkable woman, the graveside service at the Olive Branch Cemetery offers an opportunity to come together in remembrance. In these moments of reflection, let us also be reminded of the transient nature of life and the lasting impact of genuine love and kindness.

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