Sharon Benyo Obituary – 46-year-old Sharon Benyo of Beaver Falls died from gunfire wounds to her head in Beaver County DA on October 5, 2021. As per the report from the Beaver County Coroner, Benyo’s body in a field almost a country road off of Route 51 in Chippewa Twp. Beaver County around 8 a.m., off Route 51 Constitution Boulevard around 500 yards west of McKinley Avenue by a gas line laborer.

State Police is exploring the homicide of The DA said a gas line specialist discovered No suspects as of now. They are uncertain of the hour of death. The DA inquired as to whether anybody saw a dubious vehicle in the beyond three days winding down a Route 51 from West bound paths in Chippewa past McKinley Ave. to call police. Benyo was as of late let out of jail.

DA Lozier: “We’ve been leading meetings today with relatives and last known partners and there are different specialists from numerous police offices talking with individuals all over Beaver County now. Individuals who might have had contact with her in the state watch and jail framework… “

“At the point when I lived in beaver falls each home I had I never asserted as mine it was an open house it was available to anybody the food didn’t make any difference my entryway was never locked besides around evening time I simply accept that god will ensure me and give any place I am .

I just read an article about Sharon Benyo being found in Chippewa dead in the forest and it’s so awful to see that man . This young lady has rested on my sofa , we ate together I was her companion . She would be tanked one day and calm the following ! Enslavement makes it difficult to make a big difference for a relationship and One day she got secured and surprisingly then I accepted her calls … .. it damages to see it end like this smh however your at long last settled ! Breathe a sigh of relief benyo…

In lieu of blossoms, the data would be given by the Benyo family. On the off chance that you have any significant ideas on this

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