Sterling Saint Jacques death – Real St. Jacques (1957 — 1984) was a model and the “nephew/child” of the entertainer, Raymond St. Jacques.

Raymond St. Jacques in a 1969 meeting examined his arrangements to embrace two young men. The selection never occurred. In any case, in the mid-1970s, he professed to have two more established children, named Raymond and Sterling.

Albeit Sterling learned at LA City College, no genuine record of his introduction to the world date of origin can be found. He was reputed to have been brought into the world in Salt Lake City or to be both of Brazilian or Jamaican fair.

During the 1970s and mid-’80s, Sterling showed up on the fronts of magazines, displayed for @halston and Hubert de @Givenchy. Givenchy was supposed to be Sterling’s darling who he dwelled with in a Swiss palace.

As an entertainer, Sterling had bit parts in movies, for example, Eyes of Laura Mars (1978) with Faye Dunaway and the Italian film Sistemo l’America e torno (1974).

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