Sue M. Piciacchio

April 7, 1930
September 27, 2023 (93 years old)

With heavy hearts, we gather here today to bid farewell to a remarkable woman, Sue M. Piciacchio of Westerville, Ohio. As we navigate through the depths of sorrow, let us come together as a community to offer our deepest condolences and unwavering support to her grieving family.

In our remembrance of Sue, we keep alive the memories she cherished with her loved ones. Precious moments she shared with her parents, Tony Leone and Frances Saam, remain etched in our hearts. We also acknowledge the profound loss of her beloved husband, Pete B. Piciacchio, alongside the departure of her son Peter and her dear friend Robert Effron.

Yet amidst the silence, Sue’s spirit lives on through the enduring presence of her children. Lisa Zupan, accompanied by Marty Boden, boasts an unbreakable bond rooted in Westerville. Likewise, Joel Piciacchio, supported by Vicki Mercer, finds solace in Massillon. And let us not forget Steve Piciacchio and Sherry of Midlothian, VA, as their love carries them through this time of sorrow.

As we reflect upon Sue’s legacy, we cannot overlook the beautiful tapestry of grandchildren she leaves behind. Shannon, DJ, Maria, Rachel, Christian, Nikki, Joel Jr., Anthony, and Dominic hold within them the essence of Sue’s gentle spirit. Their lives are forever adorned with the love and guidance bestowed upon them by their cherished grandmother.

Among the many individuals who touched Sue’s life, Roger Derringer of Wooster occupied a special place in her heart. His unwavering friendship provided comfort and companionship throughout the years. We extend our empathy to Roger, as he must now navigate the void created by Sue’s absence.

Lastly, let us find solace in the fact that Sue’s legacy extends to nine great grandchildren. Through their laughter and joy, the spirit of Sue radiates, reminding us of the light she brought into their lives.

In this moment of loss, we find strength in our shared sorrow. May the memory of Sue M. Piciacchio comfort us during these challenging times. As a community, let us surround Sue’s family with love, compassion, and unwavering support as they navigate their new reality without her physical presence.

Rest in eternal peace, dear Sue. You have touched our lives in profound ways, and your spirit will forever reside within our hearts.

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