Susan Cain

July 1, 1970
September 4, 2023 (53 years old)
Spencer, WV

The pain of parting is immeasurable when it involves bidding farewell to someone who touched our lives profoundly. The void left behind by Susan Cain of Spencer, West Virginia, is one that words fail to express adequately. Born in Charleston, West Virginia, Susan lived a life full of love, passion, and cherished memories. Her journey came to an end on September 4, 2023, at the young age of 53, leaving a ripple effect of grief amongst those who knew and loved her.

Susan’s early years were enriched by the guidance and affection of her parents, Earl W. Smith and Jean Perry Smith, who preceded her in death. The bond she shared with her loving husband, Todd Cain of Spencer, was a testament to their undying love and commitment. As a mother to Cody Cain and a doting grandmother to little Cody Cain of Spencer, her legacy of love will undoubtedly continue through the generations. Susan’s bond with her brothers, William Smith of Jackson County and Sonny Smith of Mentor, Ohio, was unbreakable. The laughter, stories, and moments they shared will forever remain in their hearts. Her warmth also extended to several nieces and nephews, each carrying a unique memory of her.

To honor her beautiful life and the imprints she left behind, a celebration of life is scheduled on Saturday, September 16th, 2023, at 2:00 PM. This event will be held at the John H. Taylor Funeral Home, located in Spencer. It is a chance for everyone whose life was touched by Susan to come together, reminisce, and find solace in shared memories.

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