Swedish Cartoonist Death – Lars Vilks, the Swedish craftsman who blended overall debate in 2007 with drawings portraying the Prophet Muhammad with the body of a canine, has been killed in a vehicle crash.The 75-year-old kicked the bucket on Sunday in a mishap close to the southern town of Markaryd, Swedish police said in a statement.Vilks, who had lived under police assurance since the drawings were distributed, was going in a squad car that crashed into a truck.The vehicle, which had left Stockholm and was traveling south, veered into the way of the truck and the two vehicles burst into flames.Two cops were additionally killed.The transporter was traveled to a medical clinic with genuine injuries.Police said they didn’t have a clue why the vehicle crashed into some unacceptable path yet they were examining whether a tire may have exploded.The vehicle shipping Vilks had cut evidence tires, police said. In any case, detonated tire remains were supposedly found on the road.”This is an exceptionally grievous occurrence. We all that we do all that we can to explore what occurred and what caused the crash,” the police explanation said.”Initially, there isn’t anything that focuses to any other person being involved.”Born in 1946 in Helsingborg in southern Sweden, Vilks functioned as a craftsman for right around forty years and rose to distinction in the wake of creating a few questionable works. He was to a great extent obscure outside of Sweden before 2007 when he drew representations of the Prophet Muhammad with a canine’s body.The Prophet Muhammad is profoundly venerated by Muslims and Islam prohibits any sort of visual portrayal of him.Since the distribution of the kid’s shows, Vilks had been living under nonstop police watch following dangers against his life.In 2010, two men attempted to copy down his home in southern Sweden.

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