In the tranquil town of Batavia, we bid farewell to Terence “Terry” Shearn, whose sudden departure came on Sunday, Sept. 3, just days shy of his 88th celebration of life. Terry wasn’t just a resident; he was an embodiment of Batavia’s spirit and determination. At Batavia High School, he shaped young minds as a health teacher and moulded young athletes as he passionately coached football, baseball, and swimming. Later in life, his adventurous heart led him to establish Adventure Calls, a beacon for whitewater rafting enthusiasts.

Beyond the waters, Terry’s charisma was captured as he hosted the TV show “Outdoors” on WXXI-TV in Rochester, sharing the magic of nature with countless viewers. His life, though full, was marked by moments that were larger than life itself. As an ex-Marine, he displayed courage. As a pitcher in the Phillies farm system, he showed discipline. And as an avid skier with memberships like the US Ski Writers’ Association, he proved that passion knew no bounds, penning stories that resonated both locally and nationally.

Behind the accolades and adventures, Terry’s heart belonged to his loved ones. His sons, Mike (Danni) and Pete (Joanne), both proud BHS graduates, inherited their father’s spirit. Heather Bradley, his cherished companion for a decade, added warmth and love to his later years. His legacy further continues through the joys and laughter of his three beloved grandchildren: Nick, Kendall, and Connor.

Terry’s life was defined by Adventure Calls’ motto: “Adventure Calls, and I answer”. And indeed, he embraced every call with open arms.

In his memory, services are kept intimate, but his legacy in Batavia and beyond remains everlasting.

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