The Rifleman Obituary – It’s frequently been said that Kung Fu was “the main hand to hand fighting television western.” obviously, television westerns have been utilizing combative techniques, at any rate in specific scenes, nearly since the start.

“Needed Dead or Alive” (“Black Belt”), “Have Gun Will Travel” (“The Hatchet Man”), “The Rifleman” (“The Queue” and “The Sixteenth Cousin”), “Laramie” (“Day Of The Dragon”), and “Cart Train” (“The Sakae Ito Story”), all have had at any rate a couple of scenes with a visitor Asian hand to hand fighting character. (Indeed “F-Troop” had a scene named “From Karate With Love.”)

The accompanying online journal/article endeavors to clear up a portion of the folklore and put any misinformation to rest with respect to the production of the “Kung Fu” TV arrangement.

For any fanatics of “Kung Fu,” just as Bruce Lee, and so far as that is concerned, for the individuals who have really observed the generally late Cinemax arrangement “The Warrior,” read on, and you be the appointed authority.

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