Thomas Ware Bodley

September 10, 1980
October 1, 2023 (43 years old)
DeSoto, TX

With heavy hearts, we share the news of the departure of our beloved Thomas Ware Bodley from this world. On October 1, 2023, at the tender age of 43, Thomas bid farewell, leaving behind a profound void in the lives of his cherished family and dear friends. As we navigate through this period of grief, we invite you to share your condolences and send comforting thoughts to the grieving family. It is a time where words fail us, but we can illuminate Thomas’s memory by lighting a symbolic candle in his honor.

A time for remembrance has been set aside on Monday, October 9th, 2023, from 2:00 PM to 6:00 PM at Eternal-Rest-Funeral-Home-DeSoto (1400 N Hampton Rd, DeSoto, TX 75115). Here, we can gather together to reminisce, hold each other, and find solace in our shared experiences.

Thomas’s life will be celebrated during a funeral service on Tuesday, October 10th, 2023, commencing at 11:00 AM, at the same location. We will gather as a community to honor the legacy left behind by an extraordinary individual.

Following this, a burial service will be held on Tuesday, October 10th, 2023, at Laurel Land Funeral Home & Laurel Land Memorial Park (6300 S R L Thornton Fwy, Dallas, TX 75232). This solemn ceremony will provide an opportunity for us to bid a peaceful farewell to dear Thomas.

Let us come together during these difficult moments, supporting one another with prayers, comforting words, and warm memories. Thomas Ware Bodley’s spirit will forever live on in our hearts, reminding us of the enduring love and joy he brought into our lives.

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