Timothy Earl

November 29 1971
September 9 2023 (51 years old)
Huntington, Utah

The sun dimmed a touch on September 9, 2023, as we bid a heavy-hearted goodbye to Timothy Lynn Earl, a beacon of light and love, who left this world tragically in an automobile accident. His spirit of 51 years enriched all whom he encountered, weaving a tapestry of laughter, compassion, and boundless kindness.

Born in Huntington, Utah, on November 29, 1971, to Kim and Linda Jensen Earl, Tim’s early days were painted with a passion for the great outdoors. From fishing to camping, his heart found solace in nature. The Canyon View Junior High wrestling mats knew the dedication of young Tim, and the family pasture in Joe’s Valley was often his chosen sanctuary. Beyond his personal endeavors, he was the linchpin of harmony in a home bustling with five children, ever the ‘peace-maker’, ever the generous spirit.

Tim’s ardor for horses was sparked by a special gift from his Grandpa Jensen: a horse named Mac. With diligence, he molded Mac into his riding club companion. Countless hours spent alongside his grandfather on the mountain enriched Tim’s character, echoing tales of hard work, patience, and camaraderie. The paws of his faithful dog, Sadie, further imprinted cherished memories on Tim’s heart.

Professionally, Tim was a jack of all trades. His contributions to the family furniture business, Earl’s Bargains, was just the beginning. The brick and mortar of his brick mason years stand as testaments to his dedication. His handyman skills were legendary, with tales of his truck creation from parts of wrecked Chevrolet trucks becoming a family lore.

In the realm of personal bonds, Tim’s heart expanded with immense joy when he became a father to TraLynn and embraced the role of a step-father to Kylee. A subsequent chapter of his life saw him in Vernal, forging bonds of matrimony with LuRetta Bond, enriching his life with her six children. Their journey together, though later parting ways, remained threaded with mutual respect and friendship.

If one were to describe Tim, words might fall short. His vivacious conversations, innate ability to strike friendships, boundless generosity, and a smile that could rival the sun, paint a mosaic of a soul that’s irreplaceable. His love for family, evident in his regular check-ins, teasing, laughter, and penchant for raw cookie dough, remain etched in their hearts.

The chapters of Tim’s life hold the essence of a wonderful son, brother, husband, uncle, friend, and devout member of the LDS church. His absence creates a void, but his memories, a comforting embrace.

Tim’s legacy lives on through his mother, Linda; daughter, TraLynn; granddaughters; siblings; nieces, nephews; and the extended family of stepchildren and grandchildren. His father, Kim, stepfather, John, beloved grandparents, and grandson, Ryker, welcomed him on the other side, reaffirming the circle of life and love.

A celebration of Tim’s life will be held on Saturday, September 16, 2023, at 1:00 pm at Miller’s Landing in Huntington, Utah, with an opportunity to reminisce and share from 11:30 am to 12:30 pm. His resting place will be the Castle Dale City Cemetery. The Mitchell Funeral Home, custodians of these arrangements, warmly invites friends and well-wishers to partake in this homage to Tim.

In the echo of Tim’s laughter and the warmth of his memories, we find solace. Until we meet again, fare thee well, dear Timmy. We love and miss you.

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