Tyler Gilbert Obituary – Tyler Reed Gilbert, 23, kicked the bucket early Sunday, Nov. 28, 2004, from wounds supported in a car crash.

He was conceived in Brattleboro on May 20, 1981, the child of Marshall Laurie and Paula Reed Gilbert.

He was a functioning outdoorsman and talented deer tracker. He is making the most of his time in the forested areas, deciding to invest most of his energy chasing, fishing, climbing, snowshoeing, and riding his earth bicycle. His devotion to the game of chasing, alongside his promise to “investing his effort in the forested areas,” got him a few decent bucks.

Being a companion to many, he delighted in a social affair with his companions and investing energy with his family. He was most joyful, making others grin with his cunning and one of a kind comical inclination. He caught everybody’s hearts and had the most infectious giggle.

Of late, he has been getting a charge out of a unique individual’s organization, his sweetheart, Courtney White of Bellows Falls.

He is made due by his folks, Marshall Laurie and Paula Reed of Putney; a sister, Casey Gilbert, and her child, Max; another sister, Amanda Gilbert of Saxtons River; a sibling, Marshall Gilbert, and his life partner Becky Springer of Hinsdale, N.H.; an uncle Shannon Gilbert of Citra, Fla.; and a few aunties and uncles and numerous cousins from Pennsylvania.

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