Tyler Groton Obituary: Tyler Groton died calmly on Wednesday, October 6 2021. Mcdonogh affected extraordinarily to his local area and country, he will be beyond all doubt missed by his loved ones. Tyler cause and area of death was not spread the word about for the general population.

Tyler was a multi-skilled craftsman who filled in as an entertainer, group part, barkeep, and as one of our generally careful and beguiling house directors. Tyler began with us as a tech team part on our first “Holiday song” in 2014 and acted in a few CSC creations including “Romeo and Juliet” in 2015, “Wild Oats” in 2016, and most as of late in 2017 in “The Tempest” at the PFI. Tyler had been with the McDonogh School beginning around 2009 as a theater supervisor, instructor, and show chief.

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