Una Herron Missing Sarah Herron, a contender on the hit TV program The Bachelor, was brought into the world with just one arm. Sarah Herron from the BachelorA condition known as amniotic band disorder is at fault for the missing arm, yet Sarah doesn’t think of her as missing appendage a mishap by any means. Indeed, she credits her handicap for being the primary lady picked for a one-on-one date with Bachelor Sean Lowe.

What is Amniotic Band Syndrome?

At the point when piece of the amniotic sac cracks and just the amnion is influenced, stringy groups from the amnion skim in the amniotic liquid. At least one appendages can be entangled in the sinewy groups. As the baby develops the groups confine development of the appendage, remove dissemination and, sometimes, sever the appendage from the remainder of the body.

In the event that the appendage stays flawless in utero, absence of course can result in a “dead” appendage that should be carefully eliminated after birth. There is additionally a high rate of congenital fissure related with amniotic band disorder, however Herron isn’t influenced by this condition.

What Did Amniotic Band Syndrome Mean for Sarah Herron?

Sarah’s left arm became snared in the sinewy groups during advancement. The groups contracted her arm simply over the elbow. The narrowing proceeded to the place of removal so Sarah was brought into the world with a fragmented left arm.

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