Virginia L. Jones

October 31, 1935
September 11, 2023 (87 years old)
Eldorado, IL

The ebb and flow of life bring with it moments of joy and moments of grief. Today, we are united in sorrow as we commemorate the life of Virginia L. Jones, a beacon of light and love from Eldorado, Illinois. On September 11, 2023, Virginia, at the age of 87, embarked on her final journey, leaving behind a tapestry of memories that are both rich and profound. Those wishing to express their condolences can do so in the guestbook, creating a collective memory of Virginia for all to cherish.

Virginia’s life was a testament to devotion and commitment. She stood by the side of her husband, Rev. Bill Jones, sharing in his spiritual journey. The loss of their son, David Roy Jones, was a testament to her resilience and strength. Virginia’s spirit, however, lives on in her loving daughter Landa and her committed daughter-in-law Jan. As a matriarch, she instilled values and love into her grandsons – Brian, Dustin, Wesley, and Timothy. The twinkle of her eyes mirrored in her great-grandchildren: Bailey, Landen, Linus, Tavis, Louise, June, and Mae.

As we gather for the visitations on September 13th and 14th, and as we unite in remembrance during the funeral service at the Mt. Pleasant Social Brethren Church, we do so not just in grief, but in gratitude. Gratitude for the moments shared, lessons learned, and the unconditional love Virginia radiated.

In our hearts, Virginia’s legacy will forever remain vibrant and alive, reminding us of the transience of life and the permanence of love. As we navigate this period of mourning, let us take solace in the memories and the knowledge that Virginia’s spirit continues to guide and inspire.

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